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The Patagonia travel with the Itineraries Trans-Patagonia!!!




Visiting the Patagonia


Natural Thematic park


To the Patagonia we can explain to it completedly if we show it as a Natural Thematic Park with a mosaic of Topics of exciting attractiveness. To meet with the samples of the transformation of the nature, with their current biosphere, with the histories of the residents that inhabited it, conforms the Topics that stir up today's visitor's interest.

It is a territory in which moves to enter to their natural and anthropological scenarios. They are environments where it is admired from the singular and delicate flower until the dimension of the panorama of whose solitary distance the end is not glimpsed.

For it the Routes through the Plateau are the main Topic of the Patagonia.

All the Points and Corridors of Interest are located or dispersed at hundred of kilometers some of the other ones, without another access road that those rubble Routes and wind. Alone it is possible to feel their beauty, their charm, their mystery or their strong presence, traveling her on four wheels. The railcar is the host of these latitudes, the gentleman of the Territory, its more solicitous guide.

The astonishment and the adventure are in this geography. Arm their backpack and he/she comes to visit her of our hand.




Itineraries Trans-Patagonia:


Itinerary Trans-Patagonia "ROUTE 3"

Península Valdés-Bosque Petrificado-Ushuaia-T. Paine-El Calafate-Río Gallegos.

Itinerary Trans Patagonia "ROUTE 40"

Bariloche-Esquel-Col.Sarmiento-Pto.Moreno-El Chalten-El Calafate-T. Paine-Rio Gallegos.

Itinerary Trans-Patagonia "PATAGONIA AUSTRAL"

Río Gallegos-Cabo Vírgenes-Ushuaia-T. Paine-El Calafate-El Chalten-Río Gallegos.

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